Walnut Theme

Walnut Theme for Firefox 1.8.53

Add a woody feel to your browser


  • Customise all parts of Firefox with a wood effect


  • Ugly theme
  • Makes some elements of the program less usable
  • Slows Firefox down

Not bad

One of the popular aspects of Firefox is the way it's open to customisation. There are dozens of extremely useful add-ons which can hugely extend the functionality of the program.

Less useful but often just as popular are the large number of themes available for Firefox. Themes let you 'skin' the program by adding a whole new look to the program's window borders, menu bars, options dialog windows etc.

Walnut is a fairly popular theme which adds a wood effect to your Firefox. Quite why anyone would want to do this is a question for another day.

The theme includes skins for all aspects of the browser, and a custom icon set. The theme is not particularly attractive and certainly renders Firefox less usable.

Walnut, based on NautiPolis (with icons from art. gnome. org) but with a wooden look and feel. Includes support for many extensions, including downloadstatusbar, tabsidebar, all-in-sidebar, stumble-upon, downloadmgr, quicknote, chatzilla, sage, wellrounded, forecastfox, calendar, googlebar, and many others.

Walnut Theme


Walnut Theme for Firefox 1.8.53

User reviews about Walnut Theme

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    The best for a Mac?.
    I loved it. Looks very elegant and not boring and stuffy like what you are stuck with on Sa...   More